Skin Routine 101

YES! We all know how sun and pollution is damaging our skin and is the biggest cause of premature ageing and wrinkles. After a tiring and exhausting day, your skin really wants to relax and to do so, you need to follow some steps. Now, before I start with the steps, what to do  ,what … Continue reading Skin Routine 101


How to style officially quirky? ft. Spring Collection

Winter's are almost gone and I couldn't be more excited to embrace some spring transitions in my wardrobe. This new collection with a display of white, that basically tells you that it's time to switch to some lighter, brighter, and more summery pieces now! I decided to swap my go-to all-black look for a combination of black and white outfit … Continue reading How to style officially quirky? ft. Spring Collection

Cake up or Make up?

  Does your makeup gets sloppy after sometime? Do you want a more finished look? What is missing in your makeup kit? I found a remedy to this problem. The questions have been answered with this tiny product we were missing out. Girls, you are not priming! Now what is priming basically? A primer protects your skin … Continue reading Cake up or Make up?

Code it ethnic with PINK.

PINK! The valid girlish color you will come across. I have been obsessed with this pretty color since I was a baby girl. So this time I tried to make my favorite color ethnic. I wore this plain white cotton “kurta” along with the hotpink pants. It was just a “grab and wear what you … Continue reading Code it ethnic with PINK.

Dare to wear BLACK with “”

Black has always been a daring color and I bet it is a constant in everyone’s wardrobe too. My wardrobe is crowded with black and blacker. I think this color brings out the best in you. I would advice to wear this color to anyone in a blink of eye. It is a color ready … Continue reading Dare to wear BLACK with “”


Summer tends to bring the inner free spirit in us. This post includes ONLY's some eye catching bohemian piece that mentally takes you straight to the 70’s (one of my favorites). This amazingly comfortable outfit makes a perfect summer wardrobe addition!Although this top, with earthy natural color is so impeccable, I couldn’t resist but write about it. It gives … Continue reading BOHO SUMMER VIBES..

Wardrobe Hack!!

This is my first post and I am super excited about it. This one was a sudden outbreak of thoughts. Being a fashion freak I know how every women lusts after all the high-ended brands and labels. But sometimes we have the glamour hidden somewhere inside our closets that just needs to be discovered. I will mostly try … Continue reading Wardrobe Hack!!