Skin Routine 101

YES! We all know how sun and pollution is damaging our skin and is the biggest cause of premature ageing and wrinkles. After a tiring and exhausting day, your skin really wants to relax and to do so, you need to follow some steps. Now, before I start with the steps, what to do  ,what not to do; I just want to say that it might look a lot to do but once you get started, it’s a piece of cake 😉

Here is a tiny bit of what according to me would be a real treat for your skin. To be honest, I have had my share of skin problem, acne, and everything else that you all go through but running through this routine every day helped a lot. I am posting pictures of the products i am using currently and it is not promotional, you are free to make your choices. Let’s get started:

Neutrogena Facial Cleanser

CLEANSE:  This is a very essential part of your skin care routine. It removes the sweat, oil, dirt and all the other polluted particles that our skin absorbs throughout the day.



Organic Harvest- Green Cucumber Toner (Alcohol free)

TONE: At first i couldn’t really understand why was there a need to tone our skin? But then I realized the beneficial effects of toning . Even after cleansing there might be some impurities that are left on the skin and a toner comes into action there. Additionally, it helps the pores to minimize and prepares the skin for moisturization.


Tip: My advice here would be to use an alcohol free toner as the ones with alcohol make affect the PH of your skin. Also, from my personal experience, alcohol free toners work best for all skin types especially sensitive skin.

Body Shop Peach scrub

EXFOLIATE: Exfoliation is important but you really don’t need to exfoliate like every single day but i think at-least twice a week would do the magic your skin needs. It is best to exfoliate after toning and before moisturizer.

Body Shop Vitamin E


MOISTURIZE: It is always essential to keep your skin hydrated and this does the work. This hydration gives your skin that smooth luminous glow. Needless to say, this is a step in your routine you don’t want to skip.

M.A.C prep+prime with SPF 35

Apply SPF: I know it seems like a lot to do everyday but trust me on this, you wont regret following this routine. Applying SPF is important because the rays of the sun can be very harmful and damaging to your skin. Also, make sure you reapply SPF because it wears off after some time.


To sum up, here is what you need:

Morning menu: cleanse, exfoliate, tone (alcohol-free), moisturize (scent free), SPF.

Evening menu: cleanse, tone, night cream (vitamin E).

Weekly: cleanse with apple cider, clay mask. Also virgin coconut oil is really good for skin to heal and regenerate itself.



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