How to style officially quirky? ft. Spring Collection


Shoes and Dress from H&M, On my lips – True brown by Kylie Lip kit Matte Liquid.

Winter’s are almost gone and I couldn’t be more excited to embrace some spring transitions in my wardrobe. This new collection with a display of white, that basically tells you that it’s time to switch to some lighter, brighter, and more summery pieces now!

I decided to swap my go-to all-black look for a combination of black and white outfit instead. Love this dress from H&M, so comfy and easy to carry out. You’ll find some really interesting pointy, angular shoes that create a very authoritative and classy vibe just by  themselves. I picked this fine plaid blazer with silk collar that comes out as the statement of the outfit. It fits me so well, and was super comfortable. Initially I thought it was a good to go outfit, but then I felt like something was missing! There I had my lovely and so adorable Clutch Bag that I got from “Forever 21” and am absolutely loving it!


Plaid Blazer and clutch from Forever 21.



This is coming up to be one of my favorite outfits. Also it can be worn at office and social events. Get set to make those eyes roll over to you again and again! I love the way the color white is dwelling into black, making edgy element to the outfit.  How do you like it? Do let me know.
Thank to TS Photography for the clicks.
Until then, much love !

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