Cake up or Make up?


5433d4c73c845-362x0Does your makeup gets sloppy after sometime? Do you want a more finished look? What is missing in your makeup kit? I found a remedy to this problem. The questions have been answered with this tiny product we were missing out. Girls, you are not priming! Now what is priming basically? A primer protects your skin and also makes your makeup last way long than it used to do without it. One of the things I would like to share with you is that I was amongst those people who would not use a face primer before but, then I noticed that the best foundations I had be it mac or Lancôme or Dior, all of them would look kind of messy or caked up within a while.

Finally an angel came across and solved my problem. Laura Mercier: one of the best primers I have come across. I happened to take this Picture from the internet to get a better view. It has this thin and less silky texture. The most promising thing is that it is oil free. For a person like me, who has very sensitive acne prone skin, Oil based makeup is a hazard! It also acts as a moisturizer, so basically after you wash your face. The first thing you should be applying has to be this.laura-mercier-foundation-primer-2

I would not ask you to buy this product in particular as I am not marketing this brand or anything but my piece of advice is to use to primer before you girls start to dress your face. You will definitely feel the difference!

The makeup will last much much longer than it use to because it will decrease the sweating through the pores. When worn under the foundation, it creates this smooth flawless canvas to work on. trust me girls when you find the right primer for your skin you will feel blessed and more sexy at the same time.

Lemme know what you think about the post and if you already do use a primer which one is it. I would love to know.




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