Code it ethnic with PINK.


PINK! The valid girlish color you will come across. I have been obsessed with this pretty color since I was a baby girl. So this time I tried to make my favorite color ethnic. I wore this plain white cotton “kurta” along with the hotpink pants. It was just a “grab and wear what you find” scenario but turned out well so I decided to put it up for you guys. Are you afraid of playing around with colors? Well, don’t be.


You can always play around with colors and mix and match them. Especially, if you have a rare color in your wardrobe that wont go with any other color. Try pairing it up with the color white, just like I did. It will turn of to be sober and elegant.

Now you all know what a big fan I am of heels so hey, how could I leave them?

Grabbed my pair of black (little sparkly) heels that totally compliment the look along with this golden sling bag.


Love to all





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