Dare to wear BLACK with “bewakoof.com”


Black has always been a daring color and I bet it is a constant in everyone’s wardrobe too. My wardrobe is crowded with black and blacker. I think this color brings out the best in you. I would advice to wear this color to anyone in a blink of eye. It is a color ready to go for any event or even sitting back being sluggish at home. So here I am with this new update on my blog. This time I am focusing on the color black as you can see I am all black from head to toe.


Much love to www.bewakoof.com, for sending across their awesome products. I am so admiring this batman look (Are you also a batman fan?).


Featuring this super comfy tank top from bewakoof.com. Go check them out as they have all the funky and trendy stuff you would want at really really reasonable prices. I carried out this look a bit bumpy by pairing it up with this so trendy rugged black jean and my personal favorites black boots from H&M. I couldn’t have been more excited to wear them if I didn’t have this so sexy choker neckpiece from Skating Duck.


Tank top: Bewakoof.com

Shoes: H&M

Choker neckpiece : Skating Duck

Photography: Mohit Hambiria

Do review and let me know what you think.



3 thoughts on “Dare to wear BLACK with “bewakoof.com”

  1. You’re the best! i love everything you’re wearing from head to toe! 😍💋
    shoutout to Mohit Hambiria for such creative pictures!✨👍🏼


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