Summer tends to bring the inner free spirit in us. This post includes ONLY’s some eye catching bohemian piece that mentally takes you straight to the 70’s (one of my favorites). This amazingly comfortable outfit makes a perfect summer wardrobe addition!Although this top, with earthy natural color is so impeccable, I couldn’t resist but write about it. It gives such a carefree, chilled out 70’s vibe. I went ahead pairing it with this classy black plazzo pants (so trendy). Since the dress makes an impact by itself, you could literally just throw it on and walk out the door. But as always, I was looking forward to add up little bit of an edge to the look thereby I grabbed my favorite pair of black heels. I just love all my heels so much but this one would literally stand out with whatever I want.

With those girly traits, I couldn’t really step ahead without a piece of jewelry on me. So after staring at my jewelry box, I decided on those pretty set of silver bangles that did channel up with this hippie look.I also tried my Giordano watch with it separately.  As we are in the 70’s vibes I decided on this undone hair look.

Talking about the perks of this outfit, GIRLS you save yourself from the whole sunburn tan things, which I think is one of the top concerns in our lives. You still looking amazing in this attire!!

I love how summery and fun the whole outfit turned out!

Let me know your views about it and keep glamming up!!!






Jewellery : MY CLOSEST


Photography By : SIGHT STEALING


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