Wardrobe Hack!!


This is my first post and I am super excited about it. This one was a sudden outbreak of thoughts. Being a fashion freak I know how every women lusts after all the high-ended brands and labels. But sometimes
we have the glamour hidden somewhere inside our closets that just needs to be discovered. I will mostly try to highlight the tips I carry myself into. Some day to day dressing hacks that can be useful!


Here is a very simple outfit if we look at it but I tried to make it more specific and outgoing by adding some pieces of jewelry along with
this lovely pair of heels. Now, my piece of suggestion would be not
using too much jewelry at the same time!!! I wore this outfit withsimple and elegant nude heels and in one of the looks I am wearing the boho neckpiece. On the other hand I wore these earrings as the statement jewelry that would simply enhance the look. Watch is a constant in my case and definitely something that looks classy.

This look can be taken to any casual event, shopping, office, so basically anywhere you want to. I tried to add some tips to embrace
that simple outfit to make it look distinctive. 

Lets find out if you like it or love it!! Do leave your feedback and reviews.


“Keep it simple but charismatic!”






Heels:  FOREVER 21



Photography: Yash Raj


43 thoughts on “Wardrobe Hack!!

  1. You look awesome bae.. I’m glad to see you as a fashion blogger.. And I know you’ll be killer fashion blogger in upcoming time
    best wishes & blessings 😊
    Rise & shine 🌟✨
    Much love 😘


  2. what else can anyone ask for. you’re already so pretty, but wearing that simple yet very elegant shirt makes you look even more beautiful. but yes my personal favorite is that pair of heels. Looking forward for more posts and tips. way to go girl🎉❤️😘


  3. what else can anyone ask for. you’re already so pretty, but that simple yet very elagant shirt makes you look even more beautiful. my personal favorite is that pair of heels. way to go girl. 🎉💋❤️

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  4. You look so impressive and most importantly my girlfriend follow you a lot and I must say you are the best for this Business.
    All the best for the blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You look so professional in the pictures, Moreover you even write like one. No doubt the blog would get huge amount of love in the form of views, shares and comments. Best of luck. 🙂🌌

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  6. Wow!!
    That is actually some good Wardrobe Hack.
    Well i’m also a blogger and I just found this blog and that too some familiar faces from the same university😁
    All the best with your blog 🙂


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